Butchers & Body Talk

Pedro Isidro Lopez Navarro

Pedro Isidro Lopez Navarro

Meet Pedro Isidro Lopez Navarro (and don’t even try to not use his full name).

He’s a Sanjuaneño (man from San Juan del Sur), a carnicero (butcher), and he points with his lips.

Maybe more interesting than learning the spoken language of another culture is deciphering the physical language, and the lip point is one of my favorite things about Nicaraguans.

Initially perceived as an oddly timed mid-word pucker, Nicas use their lips to refer to someone or something nearby without pointing.

It never ceases to impress or entertain me their ability to do this while speaking, and the way it changes their facial features and the sound of the word is really marvelous.  I can now hear when someone is pointing with their lips without seeing them.

Try it!  It seems to challenge anglophones, supporting the idea that English speakers have comparatively lazy mouths and faces.  That’s why we must combat our facial lethargy with foga, yoga for your face.


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