say what?

Q:  What exactly is this I am looking at?  (…you so wisely ask)

A:  It is an informal gathering of thoughts and images.

Q:  Thoughts on what?  (…you may be wondering)

A:  Thoughts on many things – specifically that one time I traded the fresh and cool, bug-free beds, and knowing for a constant warm air blanket, mosquito nets, and not knowing.

Q:  Why would you do that?  (…you might think to yourself)

A:  Why wouldn’t I?  (…I ask you in reply)

 – and, might I add, you look smashing today.

Ever want to make like a tree? Photo by Julie Kruger Photography who is better at jokes.

If you care to know more, more follows – in a big nutshell.

It started when my shoes became constricting in March 2014.  I had been in Nicaragua for only a week and half for a yoga retreat but when I got home I became acutely aware of how uncomfortable my shoes were.  My feet had quickly grown accustomed to their freedom in the warm, sunny air and not a single pair of shoes I owned could come close in comfort.  This seemed to be a metaphor for the rest of my life.  I didn’t enjoy being in fluorescent lighting all day and recycled air, having little time to do things I enjoyed, or the way at home it seemed we always needed more.  More money, success, things, to be happy, and yet in Nicaragua people were happy living with so much less.

While I had traveled before, this was my first time visiting a developing country and aspects were certainly difficult to see, but I appreciated the simple lifestyle and the slower pace, the warm weather and warm people that valued the little things.  Having the opportunity to slow down and make space in my own life during those 11 days I started to realize the things that weren’t working for me in my life.  I reconnected with things that I had wanted that had been carried away by life’s currents of responsibility, pleasing others, or the wish to fit into society’s path to success that they say leads to happiness.  I remembered how I had always wanted to live abroad and realized that desire could no longer be ignored.

I returned home to obtain my 200-hour yoga teacher certification since yoga in many ways was what helped me remember what I wanted and opened me up to possibility.  Then I quit my job and traveled back to Nicaragua in the fall where I spent two months in León taking a TEFL course and volunteering followed by six weeks traveling around the country.  “Digressions” started as my travelogues for those three and a half months abroad.

Then I returned home and sat at the crossroads of my life for awhile. To continue down a safe and predictable current that no longer felt like mine? Or to leave all I knew for a completely unknown course that felt more right?  I chose the latter, and in July I said goodbye to many things, including the more parentally and societally approved path to come to Nicaragua.  Here I am to teach yoga, live simply and deliberately, and see what happens.


Like Mom always said, “Free, dirty feet, free, dirty mind”…wait a second. Photo by Julie Kruger Photography.

My friend and photographer, Julie Kruger, has featured some photos of me on her site along with a  brief interview. Check out her amazing work here and holler at her if you want photos by a creative and beautiful soul!



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